“The Hand” Workout of the day

By April 6, 2011Workout of the Day
One thing you will notice about CrossFit (especially when you start) is it can be a little hard to keep track of rep counts, rounds, and any other numbers. The blood gets pumping, the sweat gets flowing and the only thing you can think about is the task at hand. I like to call this “repcountalitis” ¬†and I used to suffer from it when I started this wonderful program. Harold takes the approach of writing every workout on his hand prior to doing the WOD. Whatever Works! This was a long one as you can tell, he barely fit it on. Due to several inquiries about our schedule for when we open, I have posted some times for the month of May. We will be starting with 3 classes a day for the first little while. You can view these times under the “schedule” section on the home page. Feel free to call the gym if you have any other questions regarding scheduling, or anything else. In other news more and more equipment is slowly flooding in and all the flooring should be down tomorrow…A full gym to work with wow!!!!