Wednesday, Oct 26th

By October 25, 2011Workout of the Day
I did this outside and I felt like I was breathing molten lava. What a difference training in this heat makes. I actually stopped mid wod and said to Chris “are you effing kidding me”. I was greeted with laughter and “this is nothing man, this is winter for us”. I don’t sweat that much, and this pic was taken 15 min post wod. I still have a thick layer of sweat on my body. Too bad coom-bot wasn’t there to towel me off and give me my post wod massage.
chris and myself at crossfit cayman post what you are doing tomorrow.
  I’m now sitting by the pool with a well deserved “coconut express” drink in my hand, paleo is not in effect over here. Remember for this wod that you can get the bar up anyway you want. Personally I power clean and push press it, but I imagine most of you will be jerking the weight over head.. Remember explode and open that hip up and then fire those elbows forward!              

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  • Brian says:

    I think I want a deal on my membership if I have to keep toweling you off after every WOD… The massages I’m ok with.