Wednesday, January 30th 2013

By January 29, 2013Workout of the Day
Thanks to all that came out on bring a friend day. Was a huge success and goes to show how much you guys all want to expose your friends to Crossfit and in particular CFK. The room was jam packed but we all made it work and had a great time in the process. Thanks again Wolf Pack! Coach Fynn Registration for the CrossFit 2013 Open begins tomorrow, however you can create your Athlete Profile now! Click here to get started  The Open WOD’s are structured so that anyone from anywhere can participate; and we want as many members from CFK to sign-up! If you participated in the 2012 Open, your Athlete Profile and Scores are still accessible online. See how you stack-up a year later as we review the 2012 Open WOD’s every Wednesday in class. Crossfit open wod 12.2 – The snatch ladder Movement Standards This workout begins from the standing position with the barbell loaded to the starting weight. In the Snatch, the barbell goes directly from the ground to overhead in one motion without stopping at the shoulders. This can be a muscle snatch, a power snatch, a squat snatch or a split snatch. A clean and jerk is not permitted.