Wednesday, August 31st/ Social Wod Update

By August 30, 2011Workout of the Day
                            So guys we really need to start writing our names clearly on the leader-board in the evenings. The scribbled names are not being recognized, subsequently the wod’s are being logged under different names. If you are given a nick name, please put the new name in brackets, and post as the nickname from that point on. Social Wod will change the wod’s over for you. It’s also very important that you log your scores! It’s so vital to have that reference point to see your improvements. Keep up the great work guys! Like I promised easy on the chest and shoulders today. There is a little bit of shoulder action on the kettlebell swings, but nothing you can’t handle! Now im off to Lisa and Codys place for some good home cooking! See you tomorrow!    

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