Tuesday, July 24th 2012

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Testimonial of the day: Coming from a fitness background that I would have called “intermediate to experienced”, I was quickly shown that much of what my body can do is composed of empty pages in an unfinished book. This wasn’t the reason I walked in the door for the first time in November of last year, but it would be the reason I keep coming back. When I popped my head in to check out CFK, not ready to commit, I was just about to quit my long term job and become a professional bum for 6 months. Thinking I knew what I would be up against when I came back in April, I focused on Powerlifting and getting my strength up – which to this day is the element I enjoy the most in Crossfit. Make me lift something heavy and then tell me it isn’t enough so I can do it again. I was strong but this was only part of what Crossfit throws at you. Quickly working through Elements and with Fynn’s efficient assessment of my skills, I couldn’t wait to get into class. This is where I learned that I had so much to learn. For me this was in no way discouraging, but gave me something to look forward to with every WOD. The very reason I left my “friendly neighbourhood Fitness World” was because I was bored. I was bored of the monotony. I was bored of the unenthused stares coming from the crowded bodies doing what magazines had told them to do for years without knowing why. I was bored of not knowing my body’s potential. Not being able to do one double-under on day-1 to a PR of 45 is a huge achievement for me – so I moved the bar up to 75, and from there it will go to 100. This is something I could have done on my own, yes, but would I have done it with the same dedication? Would I have done it with the same sense of satisfaction? No. These parts come from the top-rate coaches and amazing students I’m happy to share our black-and-white box with. Everybody is on-key and present for the same key reason… and when everybody is aligned, fighting for the same goal – that’s just pretty damn cool. I want to give a big thanks to my peers – you’ve been an awesome bunch to motivate, and for being there for me – yelling to see one more rep. Big thanks to all the coaches – GI in particular for always offering cool advice (both fitness related and rocket-attack-survival related) and making the most of Sundays where I can practise, practise, practise. Finally we all owe a huge thanks to Fynn for taking a risk and putting his reputation and capital on the line for what he loves – we all have directly benefited from his success. These people, and knowing that I will always have something to learn is the reason I know CFK kicks ass – chances are you will agree with me. – Sean O’Grady / Diesel

The future of CFK

The Future of CFK

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