Tuesday, August 30th/ Nutts Cup Was Off The Hook

By August 29, 2011Workout of the Day

This last Saturday the “nutts cup” took place at CrossFit Vancouver. Wow what an amazing time and what a turnout by our gym! Thanks to all of you that showed up in your CFK shirts, and stayed put to cheer Nancy, GI, and myself on. Having you guys there made so much of a difference in our performance, especially in that final workout. I could feel the CFK energy in the room as we tore through the ‘nutts’ wod. Our gym had an outstanding showing, we finished 14th out of just under 30 teams. It was my pleasure to be able to have our gym represented at this event, and can’t wait for future events to come. The highlight of the day goes to Nancy for that colossal 550 Meter plate run at the end of the final workout. This secured our team winning the 2nd heat, but also secured Nancy a new nick name. She shall be known from this day forth as “gonzo” which is short for “speedy gonzales”. She absolutely blew me away with how fast she was running with that plate! Great job Nancy! Thanks to all who came out to Romers and the afterparty at CrossFit Vancouver as well. It was nice to let lose with you guys! Thanks again to Craig Patterson, Emily Beers, and all of the guys over at CrossFit Vancouver for putting on such an amazing event. Having the Canadian Military and Andy’s family there was a fantastic touch, and the day as a whole was well thought out, and extremely motivating, touching and fun. It’s going to only get bigger and better. This is Khrista’s last week with us! If you see her give her a big goodbye hug. She will be taking her new CrossFit obsession home to Fort Mac with her and will be opening her own affiliate in her gargage. I have given her the rights to the programing for today and she has done me proud with this one. We are all going to miss you Khrista!!!    

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  • Khrista says:

    Might not be a “Big Hug” I’ll get after JT! Haha 18:52 Bit focused on the biceps and triceps but the am class made it through!! Good luck

  • Cathy says:

    Nutts Cup sounded amazing. Wish I could have been there to cheer you CFK on. Well done guys!

    18:01 Khrista, you’ve been downgraded to a wave after that 🙂 Awesome job am crew.

  • Nancy says:

    Thanks for the props Fynn but I have to credit the two of you for getting us through the HSPU’s and the muscle ups, I was your guys biggest cheerleader. Thanks Fynn for organizing a team for the event it was awesome and you were a great leader that day showing GI and I the ropes. GI, awesome job, I was so impressed wwith you at every WOD. You guys were both great teammates. Thanks to everyone for coming down to support and all the kind texts from those who couldn’t make it. Thanks to Pete who was competing but still came over for all of our heats to help coach, BTW your team was amazing to watch.
    It was an unreal experience and made me fall more in love with Crossfit.
    And that’s as wordy as you will ever get me Fynn

  • Paulyo says:

    Fail, correction epic fail
    Started Rx, went to one abmat, then to 2 abmats. Had to sub the last 4 HSPU for pike push ups and then went over the 25 min limit. JT you stripped me of my manhood today

  • Moose says:

    I hate JT! (but I still love you Fynn!)… and thanks for kicking my ass Bryce!

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