Thursday Oct 27th

By October 26, 2011Workout of the Day
Posting the WOD for Fynn today.  We are doing a version of one of the ‘girl’ WODs  “Eva”.  It is supposed to be 5 rounds but we want to try 3 or 5 rounds. If you are up for it give 5 a try.

Here is what CrossFit 7 mile had to say about it: This is probably the longest and the most gruelling of all of the ‘Girl’ WODs.  And no, that kettlebell weight is not a typo – it really is 70lbs for the guys, which is the red kettlebell and 53lbs for the girls, which is the green one.  It would be a good idea to scale down with this workout to keep you moving.  For example: if you have just recently started using a red band, you may want to go with a blue one so that you can rest less and keep on going.  There will be a one hour time cap on this WOD so scale accordingly so that you can be finished within the time frame.

Taping your hands is probably a good idea. We won’t be using the prescribed 70 or 54lbs. Its will be 54 for the guys and 35 for the ladies. Also we will be doing 3 full laps, which is close to 800. Scale accordingly guys but challenge yourself as well. I think Fynn did it today in 39.18 so who’s going to take him down! He did it at 70 so someone should be able to beat him! Thanks, Achilles   Also Fynn says Pete k had promised he will do this sub 15 in very tight shorts. Hold him to it.      

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  • Vicious says:

    This one sounds like a long slog, with a bit of dry retching thrown in. Can’t wait to do it today!

  • Paulyo says:

    Not to discourage anyone from doing this because it is one of the best WODs we’ve done in my opinion… but I didn’t stop shaking for 45 min after round 5

  • Vicious says:

    Yes, I was right about the dry retching, throw in some post WOD shaking, and you have Almost Eva. 32.5 mins with 35 lb kettlebell, RX pullups.