Saturday, June 30th 2012

By June 29, 2012Workout of the Day
Toughness, endurance, grit or just being old plain stubborn. Call it what you will, but what is it really? What is the mindset that we adopt when we are faced with a challenge be it physical or otherwise that keeps us going? Why do some people shy away or quit outright when others can dig deep into that part of our mind that says “keep going”, “you can do it” and my favorite “DON’T QUIT”. In the Crossfit world we are used to pushing ourselves beyond what we thought possible at first. Chipper WODS are a good example of this, you have a huge work load in front of you and it seems daunting at first. You dig in for the long haul, start moving, stay motivated ( how ever it is you do that) and then your done. Another goal accomplished. Enjoying a challenge? Something to prove? Wanting to be better than we were yesterday? Whatever it is its clear that it comes easier to some than others.
I believe it’s a mindset that develops with time and dedication toward a goal you want to achieve. Rather than seeing a long term goal in its entirety you can break it down into many little goals leading to its completion. Focus on what you are doing now instead of what you have to do later and one step at a time finish it. This takes resolve and an unwavering determination to succeed.
This Saturday your resolve will be tested.
What to bring for Saturday: Backpack, Gloves, Change of clothing and a towel.