Monday, September 25th/ FEAR

By September 25, 2011Workout of the Day
Multiple times during a WOD we face fear. Fear of not finishing, fear of failure, fear of not getting the weight overhead , and despite this we always complete the wod. You learn that once overcoming that fear, embracing it, and working with it, is a milestone in itself. It was only a mental program blocking your goals. I know that my largest growth personally with CrossFit has been embracing that fear and pain and laughing in its face. I used to be scared of the workouts, now I push myself beyond all those mental boundaries. CrossFit has alot to do with physical abilities, but it also has a HUGE mental aspect to it as well. This is where I have made the largest gains of late. You create a habit at CrossFit of conquering your fears and overcoming self doubt. Now, where else in your life can you bring that energy? It is not just training, it is something that can be applied to every other facet of your life. This is what non CrossFiters don’t understand, you have to be apart of it to get it. At its core, it is truly all about forcing yourself to overcome the odds, to conquer your fears, and learning that there is no such thing as the impossible.       The Spartans made an art of conquering  fear.  It can almost be said that it was their main goal in life.    

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