Monday, November 14th/ Inspiration

By November 13, 2011Workout of the Day
“This is what I believe and I’m willing to die for it”. Great quote from an amazing thinker. As I walked into to get my dinner at a takeout place by my apartment, I came to a realization. No matter how hard we think we have it, someone has it worse. I came to this conclusion when a gentlemen walked in with some obvious birth defects. He had no use of his arms and his head and face were deformed. This man carried on with his business with ordering and paying for his food. Paying for his food meant he had to pay with his feet as he could not use his arms. As this transaction took place almost everyone in the room was looking over. This didn’t seem to bother the man, he carried on and sat down to eat his dinner. How does this relate to CrossFit you ask? Well we talk a lot about mental strength in our facility. We talk about embracing pain, and the “pain cave” and overcoming obstacles. This man had been doing that and more his whole life. This experience had a profound effect on me, and truly made me think about what is truly important in life. That guy was a living, breathing inspiration…. Are you?