June 27th- Our First Bring A Freind Day!

By June 26, 2011Workout of the Day
  We are going to be having our first “bring a friend day:” Saturday July 2nd. The workout will be on the house so for the week of add a workout to whatever package your on. This means bringing a buddy is mandatory! Okay maybe not mandatory but wouldn’t it be great to introduce your friends to the wonderful world of Crossfit! I will program accordingly and we will all be able to do the same workout. Please let me know closer to the 2nd who you plan on bringing and I will fire that person some info as to what they can expect. Bringing a buddy is a super fun way to show those around you what you have been going through this last little while:)  

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  • Cathy Smith says:

    12:07 with an extra 100 “dummy meters” thrown in at the end. Nice to meet Mike from the Cayman Islands Crossfit!