July 29th, Crossfit Total!

By July 28, 2011Workout of the Day
Hi Everyone, First off, great effort from the evening classes on the WOD Thursday, that was a whole lot of distance covered and a great hit of running and rowing that we all needed this week! Today we will be doing an important Crossfit benchmark workout, Crossfit Total. This is one rep max of back squat, press, and deadlift performed in that order, with five attempts at each. This is a great indicator to where your strength and power are at right now, and is an especially important benchmark to revisit down the line. Keep in mind, do not compare your score with everyone else, only yourself. Body weight is a huge factor in this, and we should all be much more impressed with someone scoring 600lbs with a body weight of 120lbs, as opposed to a 200lb individual scoring 800lbs. A simple way to be able to compare scores between individuals of different weight is to divide your score by your weight to get a ratio. For example, if a 200lb person scored 1000lb, the ratio would be for 1:5, for every pound of their body weight they can lift 5lbs. Looking forward to seeing you all at the 5pm class, and remember, Saturday’s class has been pushed to 1200!

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