July 28th- Greg is running the show (for 3 days anyway…)

By July 27, 2011Workout of the Day
Hi Everyone, With Fynn off to The Games, I’ll be running the classes until his return. A reminder, there will only be evening classes Thursday and Friday, and Saturday’s afternoon class has been pushed to 1200 so I can get there after getting off work. Today we will have an interesting warm up, a test I had to complete in order to be accepted into the JIBC Fire Academy. It’s a shuttle run, and although we don’t have a 175lb dummy (no, I don’t count…. I’m 180….) we will be able to improvise. This is one of those tests that you can’t possibly have trained for, an unknowable event that will show you how well Crossfit can prepare you for anything life throws at you (and why it’s so popular in Military, Law Enforcement, and Firefighting circles). Top scores of the official test is around 60 seconds, so we’ll see how we do with the modified version I set up. We’ve got a cardiovascular blast of a workout today with running and rowing, which will be awesome since there hasn’t been any of either all week! See you all in class, be prepared for some tough workouts over the next few days I’m coaching! (Hint: Hero WOD on Saturday…..) And just because I think it’s funny, here’s a picture of seagull breaking the rules. I tried to think of a way to link this to Crossfit, but couldn’t. Give it a shot in the comments if you like……

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  • James Custodio says:

    Hey everyone!

    It’s too bad things like work have to get in the way of fun stuff like CrossFit. Won’t be there tonight, but I’ll take a rain check on that shuttle run, Greg. It sounds like fun!

    In the spirit of performing a cardio workout, I just ran 5k along the Richmond dyke trail. Lovely.

    Greg, I’m stumped for a comment for the pic above. I got nothin’.

    See u all on Saturday!


  • Brad Bodnarchuk says:

    Same Same bud… had to miss tonight due to renovations at Chez Bodnarchuk.

    I’ll catch you guys on Saturday.


  • Cathy Smith says:

    19:27 great cardio blast. Thanks Greg!

  • Nancy says: