Happy 2014 to you all!

By January 31, 2014Workout of the Day
Hey All CFK members–
Happy 2014 to you all!
We have all kicked off the year to a fantastic start.  Congrats to all the newbies at the box!
As Crossfit Kitsilano grows bigger and better we want  to announce a few changes to our schedule for you all.
We are now adding a new Saturday class at 12pm. It will be called “Performance 101” This is designed for people who have just completed elements and/or who want to improve there technique and skills.
Mobility will now be moved to 1pm on Saturdays after this class.
We also want to announce that Open Gym on Sundays will be an extra hour longer. 11am-2pm.
Keep reading our blog for more information regarding the Crossfit Open and a throwdown we will be hosting in the upcoming weeks,
Coach Karina