Friday, September 30th/ Sectionals Approaching!

By September 29, 2011Workout of the Day
Who’s got the heart and determination to get to regionals? No one expects much from us this year, but maybe we can prove them wrong! Keep your chins up, train hard, get your diet in check, and see you at regionals! Here is a breakdown of how one gets to the games!                          

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  • Megan W-C says:

    I missed the Official Paleo Challenge start, so 2 days ago I decided to begin my own Paleo Challenge…and here I just want to share the challenges I have faced so far.

    Day 1: 5:00pm…So far so good. 5:10pm, arrive at clients house to start painting…5:20pm, 7 year old daughter of homeowners comes out with a cupcake on a plate…”taste it and tell me how good they are out of 10,” she says…5:21pm…paleo out the door

    Day 2 (or really, day 1 again). 8:15pm…all paleo for the day. 8:20pm…arrive at Clients house to pick up a cheque…8:22pm, 5 year old daughter answers door in her sparks uniform and asks me if I will be the first to buy a box of girl guide cookies from her…8:25pm…5 year old asks me to open up the box so she can share them with me….8:26…paleo out the door.

    Has anybody else noticed 5-10 year old girls are out to ruin their diets? Or is it just me?

  • fynn says:

    Megan! There will always be the temptations , and they come in all shapes and sizes. I have faith that next time you will say thanks but no thanks!. See you in class!