Friday, September 28th 2012

By September 27, 2012Workout of the Day
Hey Paleo Challengers, A couple reminders:
  1. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the Paleo Challenge WOD at 9:00AM this Saturday at CFK.
  2. We are also hosting an Introduction to the Paleo Lifestyle Seminar at 12:00pm this Saturday at CFK.
We cant wait to see you out there so you can crush two challenges off your list! Also we want to hear about some of your new found Paleo recipes! Post them in the comments below.

Last weeks 9 AM paleo class


Episode 99: Solving Front Rack Problems

Hey Supple Freaks, Today’s MWod serves as a counter point to the “listing” that occured in the last couple of episodes. Clearly having a basic mobility run-down is worthwhile, but I’d much rather have my athletes perform an excellent warm up and some focused mobility work, then run down a basic checklist. So today, let’s take on the dreaded “front squatting hurts my wrists” horror. I hate hearing this in our gym. Receiving or racking the bar in the front sucks enough, without whining. So, here is a short crack at how I would think this problem through. This is my no means a full solution. Test:Retest: Can you think critically about how to improve your front rack positioning? What pieces are limiting you from that 400lb front squat? Click here to read the rest.   —————————————————————————————–

Mike Burgener – Coaches The Power Clean: