Friday, August 26th/ Let’s Go Green!

By August 25, 2011Workout of the Day
                                                  I have noticed of late that the cups are being used for water more and more. These are for last resort guys! If you can please remember to bring your water bottles that would be awesome. We like to be as green as possible in here, and paper cup usage most definitely does not contribute to a green gym. Having said that, sometimes we forget, and they are needed. Props to all these amazing FGB scores guys! We will be doing it till this Friday for anyone else who needs to get it done. Anyone who will be coming to the formerly mentioned “nutts cup” this weekend can get a ride over after class on Saturday with Brian and Gusto. You can also just show up anytime during the day. We really need your support guys, so please let me know if you plan on coming and make sure to wear your CFK shirts! If you want to see the WOD we are doing, go to CrossFit Vancouver and have a look!    

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  • Brad Bodnarchuk says:

    13.24….. i had zero left in the tank.

    great class Coach Pete K

    Best of luck to the CFK team at The Nutts Cup tomorrow. Kill it!

  • Paulyo says:

    8:03 Rx
    Hope to see everyone at the Nutts Cup tomorrow!

  • Brian says:

    13:27 HSPU w/ 1 abmat

    Thanks Paulyo for getting me thru those HSPU’s! That was a killer WOD! Nice work everyone!

    Nutt’s Cup baby! See you there!