Tuesday, August 28th 2012

“Sure Hope This Is Paleo!” – Our Paleo & Fitness Challenge has arrived, but this time, with a twist! Join us in this amazing opportunity to introduce your friends and family to both the world of CrossFit and the Paleo lifestyle; while raising money for CrossFit For Hope. The challenge begins on Monday, September 10th and will run for six weeks, finishing just in time for a CFK Halloween Bash on Saturday, October 27th! Now here’s the twist, this challenge is a TEAM CHALLENGE! You will be recruiting a partner (who does not currently attend the gym) to maintain the Paleo Lifestyle with you; while completing some fun fitness challenges along the way! Even if you have completed a Paleo Challenge in the past, and I’m sure seen some great results, there is still a huge opportunity here for our community to grow and expand! What do you get by signing up? You and your buddy with receive: – Before and after weigh-in and body-fat measurements. – Complimentary “Introduction to Paleo Nutrition” Seminars. – 6 weeks of FREE Saturday Team Training – we will be creating a 9AM class on Saturday just for the challenge! – Prizes! Not just for the winners, but we will also be doing draws for the participating teams. – The Winning Team will win a month unlimited membership (for the CFK member) and a full Elements for you buddy! – Proceeds from registration will be donated to CrossFit For Hope. – Lots of Love and Support from the CFK Family! Save These Dates! – Initial Weigh-In & Measurements: September 10th, 11th and 12th at 6pm – Introduction to Paleo Nutrition Seminars: Saturday, September 8th at 12pm, Saturday, September 29th at 12pm – Challenge Start Date: Monday, September 10th – Challenge End Date: Monday, October 22nd – Ending Weigh-In & Measurements: The week of October 22nd – CrossFit For Hope Chipper Workout (open to everyone!): Saturday, October 27th – CFK Halloween Bash: Saturday, October 27th What Is CrossFit For Hope? Your $50 registration will go to CFH; an organization that benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal is to raise 1.7MM: one day’s operating cost for St. Jude, to combat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. To learn more about CrossFit For Hope, visit their website: hope.crossfit.com What Are The Challenges? Each team will receive a card with 12 challenges that they must complete together over the 6 weeks. The more challenges you complete, the better chance your team has of winning! The challenges range from cooking a Paleo dish together, to attending a Saturday WOD. So start thinking of friends you could recruit for this challenge, and to help expand our awesome community! There will be a sign-up sheet posted at the gym; please write down you and your partner’s name. Any questions? Just reach-out and ask!

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