1. How did you discover functional fitness/Crossfit?

Naturally. I was a personal trainer before I coached crossfit and my training style was quite similar. I incorporated olympic lifting and simple gymnastics movements along with other functional training methods into my workouts. When I discovered Crossfit, a light went off in my head and I thought “This is exactly what I want out of a training program”.

2. What’s your favorite thing about coaching? Or what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their fitness journey?

My favorite thing about coaching is watching the slow change in the people I coach. Not only the physical changes but the psychological, emotional and personality changes that I see when someone’s really made a positive change through fitness. Sometimes they dont even notice, but when someone who was timid and shy during their first week of the gym walks in 2 months later looking and feeling confident, that really brightens my day.

3. What’s your sports /athletic background?

Growing up I played Football, Lacrosse, Hockey as well as snowboarding and skateboarding

4. If you’re not in the gym, we’ll find you ______

Playing with my dog , snowboarding or at a concert

5. What’s your favorite thing about CFK

The people. Working out in a community atmosphere beats any other workout experience. Putting in work and sweating together really brings people closer 😛