1. Describe your athletic background

I grew up playing all sports and registered myself in everything. Hockey became my sport of choice, as I got older in addition to track and field. I am an avid sports fan and pretty much love playing anything.

2. How and when did you become familiar with CrossFit?

I discovered Crossfit in 2007 after seeing the film 300 and reading they had done a style of training called “Crossfit”

3. What is your most memorable CrossFit Moment?

My most memorable moment is when we had our first throwdown at CFK. To see all of our members come together for the first time to lay it all on the line was pretty special. I sat back in the corner for a second and just took it all in

4. What advice do you have for people interested in starting CrossFit?

Come ready to learn and immerse yourself in a brand new community of awesome people. Be ready to work hard and pay attention. The rest will all fall into place

5. What inspires you to keep training and become better everyday?

I need to show my students that I train just as they train and do all the same stuff they do. You must practice what you preach. I also am a competitor and love competitions.