Great CFK Spring Reset | 30 Day Fitness & Lifestyle Challenge

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CrossFit Kitsilano will be embarking on a new health challenge for 2018, the Great CFK Spring Reset . Unlike many challenges that only focus on the training side, or eating side–this challenge focuses on five daily facets:

  1. Fitness
  2. Hydration
  3. Sleep
  4. Food
  5. Mobility.

Starting in February we are embarking on the Great CFK Spring Reset, whereby the goal is to reset the said five facets that create a well rounded athlete.

Cost: $30.00. Included in this will be a pre and post fat measurement analysis and a Reset scorecard.

Goal: Hit 165 and you have a perfect score! Your daily goal is to hit each of the following:

Fitness—1 Hour of Fitness. This could be participation in a class, alternate workout (running, yoga, etc), whatever you would like!

Hydrate— Minimum 2 Litres of water a day (measured)

Eat—Each meal must contain a protein, starch and fat; no sugar.

Sleep—Minimum 7 hours per night

Mobility—Minimum 10 minutes outside of your standard CFK class

Celebrate: Post challenge party!

Sign up on the chalkboard!

Rowing Clinic Update!

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Thank you to those of you who showed interest in a rowing clinic! Because so many people signed up we will be having the first clinic this Saturday from 12-1pm. There are twelve slots available and sign ups are on the blackboard at CFK. Once that fills there will be a new sign up for the next clinic (for those of you that can’t make the first one) next Saturday and Sunday from 12-1pm. If you’re just hearing about this for the first time, the clinic will be covering the basic movements of rowing, how to set up the rower for your individual body type and tips for making your rowing more efficient and powerful. Also we will do a fun little team relay at the end of the session to get in a bit of a sweat and try out what you’ve learned!