Athlete of the Month Profile: Paddy Kelly!

September Athlete of the Month goes to Paddy Kelly for showing exceptional sportsmanship, improvements and spirit! Great work!

The change has been remarkable both physically and mentally. I feel so much stronger and better about my self. I would safely say I’m addicted to CrossFit…

Hometown: Chester, UK When did you first start CrossFit?  January 2014 Why did you come to CFK? I realised that I really had to start doing some sort of exercise but have never been a gym person with treadmills etc.  I liked the idea of a focused one hour session that really got you working hard.  I had only heard of CrossFit since moving to Vancouver and therefore googled the best rated Crossfit gyms in the city and CFK sounded the best. It also helped that our dog goes to the daycare just round the corner. What is your favourite WOD?  I have never met a WOD I didn’t like and don’t really have a specific favourite. I just love the variety of movement that the WODS offer.  I cant believe I have been doing CrossFit for 9 months and have never done the same WOD twice, thats precisely why I love it. Most brutal and challenging WOD?  I think ‘Murph’ was a real challenge. Not just from the physical point of view but mentally, lots of rounds, chipping away at those numbers. It felt good to finish it though! Favourite movements? I do like a power clean or a heavy back squat.  I also dig Ball slams, great way to relieve stress. What kind of things do you do outside the gym? Hobbies and interests? Apart from eating cheese and drinking beer, I like hanging with my friends, watching sports and playing with my dog.  Also big tv, movie and music fan which also incorporates one my favourite things, sitting! What improvements have you seen in yourself, both mentally and physically, since starting CrossFit?  The change has been remarkable both physically and mentally. I feel so much stronger and better about my self.  My eating habits have improved and I’ve seen a huge reduction in my stress levels.  I would safely say I’m addicted to Crossfit because after a WOD I feel awesome. What’s been surprising or unexpected for you since started at CFK?  I think just how I now have a real joy and appreciation for fitness.  For the longest time I was lazy couch potato but now I will never go back to that, Crossfit fo life yo! What kind of advice would you give someone new to the sport? Don’t run before you can walk.  Take your time to learn properly, listen to your coaches and modify the WOD to work within your level of fitness.  Push yourself that little bit more every WOD and most of all enjoy yourself.