Athlete of the Month Profile: Graham Meeres!

“I saw people working out in a way I hadn’t seen before, so I knew I had to try it.”

Athlete of the Month is Graham Meeres! Hometown: Richmond, BC When did you first start CrossFit? August 2013 Why did you come to CFK? I drove past here on my way to work and say people dying outside and thought it was a good idea. Kidding, I saw people working out in a way I hadn’t seen before, so I knew I had to try it. I really like the community here. What is your favourite WOD? Fight Gone Bad is my jam. Most brutal and challenging WOD?  GI’s horrifying 23 round barbell complex. So hard but so worth it. Favourite movements? So many! Heavy weightlifting, running, pull-ups. What kind of things do you do outside the gym? Hobbies and interests? I go to the beach a lot, hike, kayak. Anything in the sun when it’s not raining! What improvements have you seen in yourself, both mentally and physically, since starting CrossFit? All aspects of my life have improved. I have more energy, except for after a killer WOD. I enjoy going out more and doing other sports outside of CrossFit such as beach volleyball and hiking. It is nice when friends ask me to do something athletic and I feel confident that I will be able to kill it. What’s been surprising or unexpected for you since started at CFK? Feeling like you are part of something within the CrossFit community is awesome, when traveling I can drop into any gym and feel right at home. Also, better eating habits come hand in hand with the sport, I didn’t expect to change what I eat so drastically and be okay with it, but I quickly learned the better you eat the better your workouts seem to go. What kind of advice would you give someone new to the sport? Stick with it! It doesn’t get easier but you get stronger and seeing that change can be really fun. Well, most aspects of CrossFit have become more fun over time… but burpees have always been terrible and continue to suck just as much as the day I started.