1. How did you discover functional fitness/Crossfit?

Back in 2011 my friend and I had seen the classic “What is CrossFit” video on YouTube, and we got pretty excited. We both had athletic backgrounds and were looking for something new and exciting. CrossFit was it and we ended up loving it!

2. What’s your favorite thing about coaching? Or what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about starting their fitness journey?

I LOVE helping people learn about what that *can* do – so often members might think they’re not physically able to do a movement or lift, and my goal is to help them get a least one bit better every single time they show up at the gym. I love bringing energy and excitement to the classes, and seeing our members’ progress over time, then seeing them notice their progress! It’s rewarding for everyone.

3. What’s your sports /athletic background?

I swam in high school but really got into athletics in University. I did the casual sprint triathlon in summers, even after I got into CrossFit. I also was part of the Kelowna Rowing Club a few years back. Now, outside of CrossFit I’m really involved in rock climbing as well.

4. If you’re not in the gym, we’ll find you ______

Outside! Maybe on a rock wall. Or doing science. Or doing science outside, on a mountain.

5. What’s your favorite thing about CFK

The community, hands-down. The CFK family are so welcoming, inclusive and tight-knit!