Get Started with Paleo Nutrition

Get Started with Paleo Nutrition

Introduction to Paleo Nutrition

Now that you’ve joined a Crossfit gym you’ve probably started to hear a lot about eating ‘paleo’ – an ancestral approach to food and nutrition. Come join us for an introduction to paleo nutrition where you will find out:

  • What exactly is paleo nutrition?
  • Why we recommend eating paleo
  • Guidelines about what to eat & what not to eat
  • How to get started – practical tips & tricks
  • Where to find out more – trusted resources
Nutrition Mini Consults (now available for Crossfit Kitsilano members)
Ask a question about:
  • nutrition & food
  • macro-nutrient ratios (how much protein, carbs & fat you should be eating)
  • micro-nutrients & supplements
  • practical tips & tricks
  • resource & research advice
  • etc.


  • have your food log reviewed

Consults (10-15 min) will take place before or after the ‘Intro to paleo nutrition’ sessions on Saturday mornings . Email Megan to reserve your spot: