Jessica Renney: June 2102 Athlete of the Month

Jessica Renney: June 2102 Athlete of the Month

Jessica Renney

Hometown: Nelson, BC

Age: 27

 When did you first start training at CFK: January 2012

Jess and Sylwia

Favorite WOD:Favorite is a strong word. I like any movement that I can add a band to.Least Favorite WOD:That 50 one. It’s bloody awful.Tell us about your sport and fitness background:My family moved around a lot when I was a kid and getting involved in sports was a really good way to connect with other kids and to a new community. I played every competitive sport imaginable growing up. Swimming, gymnastics, tennis, badminton, soccer, volleyball, fencing (yes I said fencing), field hockey, and basketball. I was never any good at the winter sports.Also, my dad works in the professional sports world so sport is a huge part of my life on a personal level. I grew up around athletes, coaches, trainers, managers, the MEDIA etc. More importantly, I see the value of finding your passions in life and finding a way to make a living from it. Watching my dad’s professional journey has really highlighted that for me.
How did you first get exposed to crossfit? Take us back to your first WOD? How did it feel?I was complaining about how bored I was running, swimming, biking etc. My boyfriend was playing hockey for UBC at the time and his team trainer suggested functional movements and crossfit. Adam watched a class, met Fynn, and I received a wonderful birthday gift (Adam has yet to come to a class with me and I am pretty sure it is because he is worried I will kick his ass).
What sort of changes have you seen in your body, health, and fitness?Increased level of strength has probably been the biggest measurable change. To be honest I don’t really pay as much attention to the physical changes but more to the positive changes I have noticed in my psychological and emotional health.

What sort of changes in your life have you experienced out of taking on something like crossfit that were totally unexpected?

I work as an addiction therapist and before CFK I had a hard time getting out of that world. I couldn’t get rid of the stories my clients would tell me. This was impacting all facets of my life and I needed to find a way to get the stories out. CFK is where I let that all go and get into my body. I can’t be in my head because I am trying to breathe and keep my legs moving. This has been huge for me.

Favorite crossfit moment:

One of my favorite CF moments happened a little over a month ago. I was recently diagnosed with CIS. CIS is a neurological disease that often turns into MS. I was in Edmonton getting a MRI, seeing a neurologist, having a bunch of tests… blah, blah all the medical shit. I called Fynn to let him know what was going on (so when I came back the coaches would maybe take is easier on me). We talked for a bit and after we hung up Fynn sent me this text…

“ Jess you have my support to the max degree and we are going to do this together. Trust that I am going to push you as hard as I always do and get you better. I am not going to have this change anything and MS can suck it! You are going to be fine”

I still laugh when I read this. This was exactly what I needed and I am forever grateful for this text. Most people around me were telling me they were “sorry” and “sad” for me and the negative energy was crazy making. I see everything in life as an opportunity to learn, challenge, grow, and become more of who you are meant to be. Game on. Or as Fynn so eloquently put it… MS can suck it.

Other memorable moments include me telling Bri Armageddon is my favorite movie of all time. He laughed at me for 5 minutes. Thank god Nancy followed with Blue Crush.

Any advice for people just getting started?

I don’t do advice. In my experience, CFK has been a huge part of my physical and mental health. Do what feels right… and trust yourself.

What are your hobbies and interests outside if crossfit?

Hmmm… I love eating, a really good Americano, and dancing to trendy top 40 hits.