CFK’s Annual Halloween Party!


Happy October! It’s that time of the year… for our annual Halloween Party! Saturday, October 25th save the night for beer pong, ridiculous costumes and a great night with the CFK crew. More details to come shortly, but you can most likely expect a sweet bartender to refill your drinks all night, awesome music and a good time! Feel free to bring a significant other, snacks or just a badass carved pumpkin with some CFK swag. Hope to see you all there!




Athlete of the Month Profile: Lisa Dwyer

This month’s Athlete of the Month goes to Lisa Dwyer for outstanding effort and growth! Good work girl!


Hometown: Tilting, Fogo Island, Newfoundland.

When did you first start CrossFit? October, 2013.

Why did you come to CFK? I knew about CFK as it was in my neighbourhood and next door to my doggy daycare. One day, while I was picking up my dog, I noticed a group of CFK athletes running the block. Everyone was super fit and encouraging each other. I thought to myself – “that’s where I’m going to train next” – so I set up my elements sessions the next day (with Nathan) and I’ve been here ever since.

What is your favourite WOD? Karen (because it really, really hurts).

Most brutal and challenging WOD? Murph or Filthy 50.

Favourite movements? Squat, deadlift, practicing and improving pull-ups.

What kind of things do you do outside the gym? Hobbies and interests? Hiking with my dog, dining out with friends, taking a new class (pottery, silversmithing, cooking, agility … I’m almost always enrolled in a class or two at any given time).

What improvements have you seen in yourself, both mentally and physically, since starting CrossFit? I am absolutely determined to get better at this sport every day. I research crossfit tips, I engaged additional coaching at CFK, and I attend classes focusing on areas in which I know I’m weak (e.g., snatch) so I can get better. Crossfit has been a humbling experience and I’m determined to be the best I can personally be.

What’s been surprising or unexpected for you since started at CFK? CFK athletes are inspirational. I am always inspired to improve my performance and get better simply because I want to continue to train and keep up with this group. I’ve also made some great friends at this box who I believe will be a part of my life for a long time. The coaches are also great – I appreciate how they really try to help me improve each time I’m in class.

What kind of advice would you give someone new to the sport? Go easy on yourself – notice the negative self-talk and then let it go. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Good job @ Squamish Fall Challenge CFK!

CFK Crew

CFK Crew at CrossFit Squamish

Wow! This weekend we saw an another incredible showing of CFK competitors at the CrossFit Squamish Fall Challenge. It was a tough weekend, with back to back events featuring rope climbs, max bench and clean and jerk lifts and a medley of fast paced metcons, sled push and rowing. Saturday Deanna went out and crushed event 2, competing all day before coming back for round 2 in the team events on Sunday. Sara, Becca, Deanna, Emily and Kara competed in the women’s category and Fynn and Connor in the men’s category. Special thank you to Kara for stepping up to compete as a sub on such short notice, completely crushing the rope climbs on her first time doing them. Amazing work girl! Congrats to all the athletes!

Sara hitting a 160lbs Clean and Jerk, an awesome PR!

Sara hitting a 160lbs Clean and Jerk, an awesome PR!

Fynn and Connor taking the podium.

Fynn and Connor taking the podium with a 3rd place finish.

Deanna and Becca after their 4th place finish!

Deanna and Becca after their 4th place finish!