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Main – CrossFit View Public Whiteboard WOD Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) Death by Thrusters on a row boat Minute 1 – 5 Thrusters (95/65)(65/45) Minute 2 – 250/200 m row Minute 3 – 5 Thrusters (105/75)(75/55) Minute 4 – 250/200 m row Minute 5 – 5 Thrusters (115/85)(85/65) Minute 6 – 250/200 m row Minute 7 – 5 Thrusters (125/95)(95/75) … Continue the ladder until either movement cannot be completed in the given minute Score is the number…

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Main – CrossFit WOD Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps) As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes: 250 Meter Run Alternating Holds (plank, chin over pullup bar, handstand, L-Sit on Rings) Burpee broad jump 2ft (measure out a 2 ft area. Instead of jumping and clapping overhead, RX is to jump both feet leaving ground together and landing both feet together on the other side of your 2ft marker. When the Runner comes in, he will take over the…

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Whole Life Challenge starts tomorrow, sign up or follow along!

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http://www.wholelifechallenge.com/ For those of you who have never heard of it, the Whole Life Challenge is a 55 day online fitness challenge that you can participate in either by registering at the website above or simply following along with the challenge rules. The goal of the challenge is to check in before and after the challenge by recording your weight, body fat percentage and completing some sort of benchmark workout. After the challenge is complete you will check in again…

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