Athlete of the Month Profile: Erika Thompson

"I'm inspired every time I walk through the doors by the commitment of CFK athletes to set goals and constantly improve."

“I’m inspired every time I walk through the doors by the commitment of CFK athletes to set goals and constantly improve.”

Erika Thompson is November’s Athlete of the Month! Congrats and great work! Check out the interview below to get to know your teammate and her journey in CrossFit.
Hometown:  Sioux Falls, South Dakota

When did you first start CrossFit?  September 2013

Why did you come to CFK? Location!  I knew if I was going to commit to a program it would have to be within walking or biking distances from my home.

What is your favourite WOD? Kits Killer.  I like running and endurance training.  Having a long scenic run in the middle of the WOD was fun and unique.

Most brutal and challenging WOD?  JT.  Even with modifications, JT was so much harder than I had imagined.  My shoulders have never been so sore.

Favourite movements? Back squats, dead lifts, thrusters, wall balls

What kind of things do you do outside the gym? Hobbies and interests?  My primary activity is whitewater kayaking.  I’ve been doing it for about 15 years and have travelled to some amazing places to paddle incredible whitewater including:  the Grand Canyon, the waterfalls of Chile, and one of my local favorites the giant wave at Skookumchuk Narrows on the SunshineCoast.  Generally I just like being outside whether I’m surfing, skiing, or hiking with my dog.  Experimenting with new meals and recipes is another hobby I enjoy.

What improvements have you seen in yourself, both mentally and physically, since starting CrossFit? I have an overall feeling of being healthier and stronger.  I’m more aware of my diet, particularly eating more veggies and less processed foods.  When I’m having a stressful day at work,  I look forward to coming to CFK for a full hour of focused training to relieve stress.

What’s been surprising or unexpected for you since started at CFK?  The community at CFK is amazing, whether it’s encouraging each through a WOD, celebrating accomplishments or connecting socially for a holiday.  I’m inspired every time I walk through the doors by the commitment of CFK athletes to set goals and constantly improve.

What kind of advice would you give someone new to the sport? Stick with it, many of the movements are complex and take lots of practice.  Everyone learns at different rates.  Ask questions and absorb as many tips from the coaches as you can.  Take the time to learn proper form even if you are working with light weights.





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