Halloween Party Tonight! Important Reminders


Tonight is our annual Halloween party!!! There are tons of drinks for everyone, we’re simply asking a $10 donation for drinks all night! Please bring your own mixer and hard bar if you want it. Keep in mind, if you plan on drinking then PLAN A RIDE HOME please! We’re all for having a crazy night, but be smart and plan ahead. There is candy, chocolate and chips but if there is something else you want then feel free to bring some to share.


All classes cancelled Sunday!


Hey team! Just a reminder that CFK will be closed this SUNDAY the 26th for cleanup after our annual Halloween party taking place SATURDAY the 25th.  Again, there will be NO classes the following day  (Sunday the 26th). Wear a badass costume and get ready for a fun night! Excited to see you all on Saturday!


Happy Thanksgiving! Holiday Hours



CFK wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Just a reminder that holiday hours for the weekend are as follows:

Saturday & Sunday – Normal Hours

Monday – 11AM & 12 PM Classes ONLY

Eat turkey and enjoy time with family, but don’t forget that holiday classes fill up class so be sure to reserve a spot nice and early if you want to come work off that extra two three helpings of stuffing… !! Be safe and have a great weekend!